Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

unite against zionismJune 12, 2013 by occpal

It’s time:  This is a call to all religious people, serving the same one & only Allaah SWT/G-d/God to end abuse of our religions by those who seek only worldly greed.

It’s time:  To fight united against prejudices and hatred. Funneled up  by creating and sustaining ignorance by those who hijack our morals, values and tolerance. Solely because it does not feed their greed.

Love & co-existence does not ‘pay’ those hunting for worldly gain.  It’s not about you. Not about us.  It’s to serve their selfish causes. 

It’s time: We religious people make a change and set the example.

If you’re not religious – mark my words – you are also abused as an ‘asset’  by the zionist regimes and it’s allies, for the tax on your sour earned salary aids zionism too. And if you don’t pay tax, be ensured you will…

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