US And Israel: Waging Genocidal War on Humanity!

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  • Waging Genocidal War on Humanity! 
    by Stephen Lendman(Jew),
    Doing so constitutes longstanding US and Israeli policy. The indisputable record speaks for itself.

    Besides its genocidal native population genocide, every US post-WW II war was waged lawlessly. So were all Israeli wars throughout its existence except for the 1973 Yom Kippur conflict. Both nations prioritize violence and instability. They deplore peace. It’s a non-starter. 

    Civilians are considered legitimate targets. Mass murder, destruction and genocide follow. The disturbing pattern repeats unaccountably. Both countries partner in horrendous crimes against humanity. The world community yawns and does nothing to stop them. 

    Millions are slaughtered in cold blood. Unspeakable human misery follows. Western media scoundrels support what demands condemnation. Big Fat Lies substitute for truth and full disclosure. No two nations have a more deplorable human rights record. 

    None more egregiously violate international laws, norms…

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